" It's the best thing I've ever done!!! The buzz that you get before and after the match is incredible. I used to be a shy, quiet girl and now i am a more confident lady. It's made me who I am today, 2 and a half stone lighter too. The trainers & organisers are awesome and I've made some great friends. It's a must do!!!  "

- H. Baines

Getting Started

These are the first things people ask me about Pink Collar Boxing :

This is a platform for ladies to get into boxing and to enjoy taking part in a life changing journey that will fill you with confidence, introduce you to new friends, lose weight and get fit and complete the experience by having your friends and family chanting your name as you show off your new found boxing skills.

We have taught over 1,000 ladies how to box and they all wanted to take part again! The ladies we meet come from all types of careers, ages, sizes and motivations. You may want to take part because you want to raise money for a charity close to your heart, you may want to lose two stone or you may want to take on an amazing challenge and show everybody what you are capable of.

Whichever one motivates you, this is the place to do it!

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